RF Locator / Tracker


Side View / Yagi Antenna

Hand Held Transceiver

PCB and Electronics

Marine Buoy w / Transponder

View of Rear Panel

McLan developed this Product for a leading Geophysical Company... As depicted at right, a Small Transponder is mounted on Marine Bouys... For Example, if a Buoy breaks loose from it's Moorings and starts to drift, it can pose a major Headache both in lost Man Hours and Equipment... Using the Hand Held Micro-Processor Controlled Transceiver, Personnel can board a Helicopter and quickly home in on the Signal emitting from the Transponder... This Application is just one of many for this Product... McLan can supply your Locating and Tracking Needs from Simple RF Technology to more Complex Worldwide GPS Systems... McLan can provide Complete Turnkey Systems, both Hardware and Software, Custom Engineered to fit YOUR particular Needs...